Operating Procedures Outline Sheet

FEIS provides a unique format to illustrate our custom developed OPOS specifically for the building it has been designed to support. Each OPOS created is a color coded schematic drawing showing vendors how to safely identify all existing permanent and portable roof top façade equipment and the use thereof.
The benefits of providing an OPOS are many, but the primary goal is to improve the buildings workplace safety thereby reducing liability to that building owner. Relying on the window wahing contractor to provide and maintain its own safety protocols may not provide the protection that building owner desires. Window washers that may improvise their own procedures “at their own risk” expose owners to considerable risk. In California, the building owner (not the window washing contractor) is legally responsible for providing a safe workplace for outside contractors with respect to window washing and/or scheduled maintenance on their equipment.

Cal-OSHA requires that all buildings above thirty-six (36) feet possess and display a proper OPOS developed and designed only by an SIT licensed contractor.

The Benefits of OPOS

  • Complete color-coded roof plan with drop zones and the various types of equipment identified
  • All roof top and ground level danger zones will be identified
  • Power and water outlets, fall arrest tie-back locations will also be called out
  • Safe methods for all rigging procedures will be designed and listed
  • All obstructions on the roof top and ground level will be clearly marked
  • Procedures in case of an emergency will be listed
  • Directions and methods for use of all permanent and portable equipment will be listed and illustrated
  • Access and egress to all equipment on the rooftop and balconies will also be identified (with directions for use)

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