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FEIS Service Commitment

FEIS has been California State Certified to provide inspection and repair on permanently installed window washing systems. We currently service hundreds of buildings in the state of California.

Hi-rise window washing, and exterior maintenance are a high-risk occupation, so employees and ownership deserve the best protection against any mechanical or electrical equipment failure that could cause personal injury.

Our experience providing extraordinarily quality service and repairs, protects both the worker from needless injury, and management from excessive liability risk due to poorly maintained equipment.

Safety is our top priority and “a safe building is no accident”. FEIS wants to be your Exterior Building Maintenance (EBM) and Fall Protection preferred vendor for the lifetime of your building. We look forward to providing the excellent service you expect with a company that prides itself in providing building safety, compliance and service as its three pillars of excellence.

If you should have any questions regarding the safety of the equipment on your building or if your current annual certification has expired, please give us a call. Whether your building is a standard ten story condominium or an ambitiously complex high rise, FEIS will offer you the highest level of service and attention to detail as each of our clients expect.

FEIS looks forward to hearing from you and discussing the various options available so that we can solve any of the unique challenges your building’s rooftop equipment may present.