S.I.T. is the Acronym for “Scaffold Inspection and Testing”

Sockets and High profile Davits are one of the most common systems for support of a suspended platform for buildings from 130 feet tall to 400 feet tall. Low profile davits are utilized for ground rigging a platform on buildings less than 130 feet tall, making them lightweight and easy to transfer between work positions.

All suspended maintenance equipment, components, and tie-back anchors are required to be inspected annually (at least every 12 months). A similar inspection should be performed following any major building façade or roof top modification in order to identify and correct any safety hazards or equipment needs.

Our SIT inspections which include roof anchors, suspension systems, access systems, fall protection, and powered platform are performed by our highly trained technicians. We have the capability to test for and certify support loads and functionality of any and all BMU equipment and also recommend a solution for any short fall in equipment or safety needs.

Our services include the visual inspection of fall protection anchors, davit bases, davit pedestals, davit arms, tie-backs, outriggers, monorails and other permanently mounted facade access & fall protection equipment. In California, FEIS is a licensed Scaffold Inspection & Test Agency (SIT) approved by Cal-OSHA.. All inspections performed by FEIS, verifies structural integrity, safety, wear, defects and need for repair or replacement.

Also provided with each Annual SIT Inspection is a detailed report of the results along with a certificate of record for each building that passes the inspection. The certification includes,

  • Date of the inspection.
  • Inspectors name on the certificate issued.
  • Details of the results are sent to you for your records to keep on file.


  • FEIS will be keep records of your Annual SIT Inspections and Certificates.
  • FEIS will send you a friendly reminder 60-days in advance of renewing your buildings annual certification from expiring.

Additional Information:

FEIS (Façade-Equipment-Inspection-Services) is authorized by the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Research and Standards Unit for Scaffold Inspection and Testing (SIT). FEIS meets the criteria and has the credentials to perform Title 8 California Code of Regulation, in accordance with the requirements of General Industry Safety Orders, Sections 3282(p)(1)(B) and 3296(b)(I) surveyor holding SIT License #48

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